Cobra’s Dirty Dozen GI Joe T-Shirt


Cobra’s Dirty Dozen GI Joe T-Shirt T-shirts


This exclusive GI Joe t-shirt features images of the vicious Cobra members Cobra Commander, a Cobra Soldier, Storm Shadow, a Crimson Guard, Destro, Firefly, Snow Serpent, Major Bludd, Serpentor, Dr. Mindbender, and Zartan.

Cobra is a ruthless organization led by Cobra Commander and determined to rule the world. Cobra relies on the might of the evil characters on this t-shirt to execute its diabolical schemes while trying to destroy its main enemy, GI Joe.

As evil as they are, the member of Cobra are among the most popular cartoon characters of all time. Show that you are a fan with this exclusive Cobra’s Dirty Dozen GI Joe T-Shirt!

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Cobra's Dirty Dozen GI Joe T-Shirt

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